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SCHEDULE H Form 1040 Household Employment Taxes OMB No. 1545-1971 For Social Security Medicare Withheld Income and Federal Unemployment FUTA Taxes Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 99 Attach to Form 1040 1040NR 1040-SS or 1041. If zero or less enter -0-. h paid to state unemployment fund Total Household Employment Taxes 25 Enter the amount from line 8. If you checked the Yes box on line C of page 1 enter -0-. 26 Add line 16 or line 24 and line 25. 27 Are you required to...
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Who Needs Schedule H?

Everyone who hires someone to do household work must complete Form 1040 Schedule H. If the total wages paid to the household employees don’t exceed the particular threshold amount defined by the tax law, there is no need to fill out Schedule H. You must not file Schedule H if the household employees are independent contractors working at your residence occasionally. Usually, household employees are maids, nannies or other people who work around the house permanently.

What is Schedule H for?

Schedule H is for Household Employment Taxes. Everyone who hires people to do housework  is considered an employer who must report employment taxes on this document. Schedule H is a part of Form 1040.  

Is Schedule H Accompanied by Other Forms?

Generally, Schedule H is filed together with the individual tax return and other forms such as:

  • Form W-2 serves to report wages that you’ve paid to the employees
  • Form W-3 is for sending ?opy A of the W-2 to the Social Security Administration

When is Schedule H Due?

Schedule H is due on April 18th, 2017.

How do I Fill out Schedule H?

Schedule H is two pages long. It is divided into four parts preceded by the brief guide. It consists of the questions a taxpayer should answer “yes” or “no”. The answers define which part a taxpayer must complete.

  • Part 1 shows social security, medicare and federal income taxes.
  • Part 2 accounts for federal unemployment tax
  • Part 3 is for total household employments tax
  • Part 4 contains fields for a filer’s signature and the data the schedule was filled out.

Where do I send Schedule H?

Once completed, Schedule H is attached to the tax return and sent to the address specified in the tax return.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing schedule h
Instructions and Help about irs form 1120 h
Laws calm legal forms guide household employment taxes Schedule H you need to fill out this form if you answer yes to any of the questions on lines a B or C a detailed list of instructions is provided by the IRS at the following link step one the following dates are important January 31st 2012 give the employee of form w2 februari 29th 2012 send copy a of form w2 along with form w-3 to the Social Security Administration April seventeenth 2012 file Schedule H and pay the household employment taxes with the 2011 tax return step 2 you need to record the following information and dates in order to fill out this form cash and non-cash wage payments any employee Social Security tax withheld and the employee Medicare tax withheld any federal income tax withheld any advance EIC payments you made step 3 if you paid a household employee seventeen hundred dollars or more cash wages during 2011 you need to report and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on all wages see page h4 of the instructions for specific instructions on lines one through seven step for the fut a tax provides payments for unemployment compensation for workers that have lost their job the fut a tax is 6.2 percent before july first and six point a percent after june thirtieth but you may be able to take credit up to five point four percent against the fut a text if you pay all required contributions by april 17 2012 contributions do not include the following any payments deducted from your employees pay penalties interest or special administrative taxes that are not included in the contributions rate by your state voluntary contributions you paid in order to get a lower experience rate see pages h 4 and h 5 of the instructions for specific details on lines 8 through 21 step 5 online 23 enter the amount from line 6 enter 0 if there is no entry line 6 on line 24 add the amounts on lines 14 and 23 if you are required to complete section b of part to add the amounts on lines 22 and 23 for line 24 for line 25 follow the instructions on page h8 to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws calm